It was crazy, even we are located in USA, we got our infinity bridesmaid dresses JUST IN 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE AFTER THE ORDER and the pacage was sent from another country China, super fast!!!! and even more saved us by around 22% comparing with others!!!!
----By Reynie Wallace
Welcome to Ekacy! Shopping with Ekacy marketplace is easy!
You can buy orginally-designed items from sellers/designers all over the world faster and easily through Ekacy marketplace!

Creating an account is free!
Before starting shopping, you need to register an account as below:
Step 1, Click "Register" on the right top of the site!
Step 2, By clicking the "Register", you will go to a page of the form as below:

Step 3, Fill out the above form and click submit button.
Step 4, Then it will go to the page with sign in page as below:

Step 5, Use the account name and password which you registered your account with to fill above form to sign in. or you can also click "Sign in" on right top of each site page to go to above sign-in form to fill out the form to sign in.
Step 6, After you successfully sign in, it will go to your account page as below:

So now with signed in your account, you can starting your shopping.
From your account page, you could see the buying tools, on how to use these tools, plesae visit here.

How to buy?
Having an account and signed in, then you can start shopping, click the photo of any items you are insterested in:

clicking the item small photos, it will go to the item page for larger picture and the item information detail page:

On this item detail page, you can see the price, shipping, policy, size, color and so on...then select variaction of quantity size, or color, or style etc..from the conerning drop down option boxes, then click the blue button "Add to cart", So that the item you want will be in your shopping cart!

You can add multi items to your cart until all items you want in the cart and then check out all together. You can view your cart by clicking "Cart" on right top of any site page.

From the shop cart, you can see there is a comment box, so if you want leave some notes/requirements to the related seller, the write on this box.

When all the items you want in the cart and write the notes/requirements on the related comment box if any, then you can click the blue button "Check out with paypal", by clicking this checkout button, the order will be placed and go to page as below:

So the last step, you click the blue button "Make the payment", and it will go to paypal page for your payment. Paypal will accept you to pay through your all credit cards, debit cards...or your paypal deposit.

***making payment through paypal by your cards, the seller will not be able to see any information of your cards or card no. So that can keep you safe to make the payment.

***Sometimes, when you click the blue button "Make the payment" and it will need a few seconds to download the payment page, so please kindly wait with patience!

After all above steps finished, you can click "My account" on right top of any site page to check your order detail, click "My account" and you will see page as below:

Click "My purchuase order" so that you will see the page with all your order details:

If any questions on your order or items, you can contact the seller directly, how to contact the seller, please click here
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